Christmas 2017 Appeal

The Tanzanian team is finally about to begin C-sections on mothers and babies in our surgical building. Thanks to the generosity of donors, 2017 has brought us ever so close to being able to operate. The anesthesia machine, cardiac monitor, surgical table and light, and air conditioning are all in place. Multiple changes and additions required by the government have been done. Click here

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November-December 2017 Newsletter

We are excited to announce that the Khaki Foundation just gave the Health Tanzania Foundation a grant to expand our program that trains volunteers from the churches, mosques, and community. The volunteers identify widows, orphans, and unmarried children with children and get them into preventive and medical care. The grant also expands the Ukombozi (Saver) program, which mobilizes all community members to fight alcohol

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August-September 2017 Newsletter

Henry was in Tanzania with our Tanzanian partners in September. Despite your much-needed donations for an anesthesia machine and other equipment, we still need some equipment and supplies to be able to begin doing C-sections. The Tanzanian government team inspected us again earlier in the summer and has further recommendations that still need to be addressed before we can start doing any surgery. We

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