Board member Dr. Deo M. Mtasiwa

Dr. Deo M. Mtasiwa is a former civil servant and chief medical officer. He holds degrees from the University of Dar es Salaam and Hiroshima University. Dr. Mtasiwa worked as a district medical officer for the Ilala District and regional medical officer for the Dar es Salaam Region. In his retirement, Dr. Mtasiwa serves on several boards, councils, and foundations. He applies his knowledge,

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July-August 2018 Newsletter

Both the hospital development and the community programs are doing well. We are working with major partners to develop and expand family medicine in Tanzania. The hospital still has not started doing C-sections. We now have approval from the Ilala District to start operating, and we have all the necessary equipment and supplies to start. Yet we have not started! The Tanzanian Federal Drug

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Board member Mohamed Shariff Manekia

Mohamed Shariff Manekia, commonly called Shariff, is an accomplished businessman, committed community leader, and caring philanthropist. He believes we all have a purpose and the foremost of those purposes are serving and furthering humanity. Born in Lindi, Tanzania, Mr. Shariff came to the New York as a young man in 1970. He went to school and then college in New York City. While still

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