November-December 2019 Newsletter

Significant progress has been made in furthering family medicine in Tanzania and developing Buguruni Anglican Health Centre (BAHC) into a full teaching hospital for nursing students, medical students, and family medicine residents. With Tanzanian and international academic partners and the Ministry of Health, a conference to define what family medicine is in Tanzania will occur in April. Currently, Aga Khan University and Hospital have

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August-September 2019 Newsletter

Since we began working together in Tanzania in 2005, our joint Tanzanian/U.S. partnership has truly accomplished miracles. As some of you older readers know, in 2005 we had a dying health center that saw 15 patients a day. One building leaked so badly that Dr. Maxwell had to use an umbrella in his office when he saw patients in the rainy season. This is

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May-June 2019 Newsletter

In June, Henry returned from Tanzania, where both the hospital and community health are progressing. We are working with major partners to develop the hospital for poor women and children and use it to expand family medicine in Tanzania. Thanks to a generous donor from our home church (Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria, Virginia), we now have detailed architectural drawings and bills of quantities

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