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July-August 2018 Newsletter

Both the hospital development and the community programs are doing well. We are working with major partners to develop and expand family medicine in Tanzania.

The hospital still has not started doing C-sections. We now have approval from the Ilala District to start operating, and we have all the necessary equipment and supplies to start. Yet we have not started! The Tanzanian Federal Drug Administration (TFDA) has to come and inspect our program and approve a license to have narcotics on site. Tanzania is very strict about narcotics and losing one vial of something like Dilaudid or Vicodin results in seven years in prison. TFDA lost our first application. Mr. Barua has sent another. What was to take a week has now dragged on for a month. Literally any day we will be inspected and get the approval letter.

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July-August 2018 Newsletter

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