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Health Tanzania

Health Tanzania partners with Tanzanian individuals and organizations in order to improve the health and education of poor Tanzanians. Our current programs focus on two very poor neighborhoods in Dar es Salaam, a city of five million people, and very poor and isolated coastal villages. With our Tanzanian partners, we are helping to provide out-patient and in-patient health care, community health and prevention programs, and primary education.

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January-March 2024 Newsletter

Buguruni Anglican Health Centre (BAHC) served 59,558 patients in 2023. In 2005, when we first started, it was seeing 6,500 patients a year. BAHC provides comprehensive primary health care and some inpatient care, well women and children’s care, vaginal and C-section deliveries, female surgery, pharmacy and lab services, dental care, and eye care. Located in one of the poorest parts of Tanzania’s largest city,

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X-Ray Building

Great news, December 2023: One of our supporters has offered a $5,000 match for the money needed to finish construction of the X-ray building at Buguruni Anglican Health Centre (BAHC). Read more about BAHC in our newsletters on this website. Contribute to the fundraising by clicking “Donate” on the horizontal bar above. Raphael Barua, BAHC health director, in front of the unfinished X-ray building.

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August-November 2023 Newsletter

Building on 18 years of Tanzanian partnership, Health Tanzania Foundation and its partners have made some remarkable progress in the last three and half months. This is occurring at the individual, family, and community levels as well as the national partnership levels. At the local level, the team has performed what may be considered miracles. At the regional and national level, our partnerships have

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April-July 2023 Newsletter

Through its Tanzanian partners, Health Tanzania Foundation continues to help needy individuals and families, mobilize communities to improve their health and well-being, and work with all levels of the government to develop and implement sustainable health system changes. Our vision is to enhance partnership and cooperation for health, education, and development in Tanzania. Health Tanzania Foundation pulls everyone together, to help those most in

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January-March 2023 Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who supported our $25,000 matching grant. We were successful! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Because of your prayers and money, we are accomplishing seeming miracles. Henry was in Tanzania through much of January. Tanzania’s hot season was unusually hot this year. It has started to rain early; and at least in the coastal area, they’re getting enough rain. In

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August-November 2022 Newsletter

In our previous newsletter, we explained that Action Medeor, a German NGO, would donate a new digital X-ray machine to BAHC as soon as we constructed a building to house it. Action Medeor provided blueprints that were reviewed by the government radiation staff, and construction is now well underway. Thank you to everyone who supported our $15,000 matching grant. Our core programs are still

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The people we serve


A health center treats thousands of children every year.

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An infant receiving care at the health center

A very ill child

A child receives care for fever and malaria.

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An AIDS orphan

Loveness lost her parents to AIDS.

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A TB patient

A young woman treated for fluid around her lungs.

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