January-March 2021 Newsletter

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, none of the Health Tanzania team went to Tanzania this past year. Therefore, the content of this newsletter is based on information obtained from the team in Tanzania either by email or telephone calls. In 2020, Tanzania was hit hard by the pandemic in April, but then the government stopped counting cases. By June, President Magafuli declared the pandemic

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September-November 2020 Newsletter

Buguruni Anglican Health Centre has been unable to pay salaries and purchase medications. Three events have come together to create this crisis: (1) Tanzania’s National Health Insurance Fund, by far the largest revenue source for the health center, is three to four months behind in payments and only paid one third of its last payment; (2) an HMO, for which BAHC provided substantial patient

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Direction and Accomplishments to Date

Health Tanzania has operated since 2012, built on partnerships that Drs. Henry and Priscilla Ziegler began in 2005 in Tanzania. This document highlights major initiatives undertaken over the past several years. These initiatives include maternal and newborn death reduction; malaria reduction; family medicine development; development of an emergency medicine response system; expansion of community health services; programs addressing drug addiction, domestic violence, and AIDS;

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