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August-September 2019 Newsletter

Since we began working together in Tanzania in 2005, our joint Tanzanian/U.S. partnership has truly accomplished miracles. As some of you older readers know, in 2005 we had a dying health center that saw 15 patients a day. One building leaked so badly that Dr. Maxwell had to use an umbrella in his office when he saw patients in the rainy season. This is a photo of the old health center, which had a spigot for its one source of water and its leaky roof.

Buguruni Anglican Health Centre had no revenue except for $15,000 a year paid by the patients. All but one of the staff members was earning less than the Tanzanian poverty standards. There was no AIDS program – despite it being the leading cause of death in Dar es Salaam. Malaria was then the second-leading cause of death and it was widespread. Pregnant women and newborns were dying at some of the highest rates in the world and yet the program did not deliver babies. There was no community health program – even though community self-help and prevention make the biggest health impact.

In 2018, Buguruni Anglican Centre saw over 65,000 patients – 182 patients a day. It now provides comprehensive medical care for all ages, including maternal and child health.

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August-September 2019 Newsletter

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