St. James Hospital

St. James Anglican Hospital

During his September Tanzania visit, Dr. Henry Ziegler met often with Dr. Willy Sangu, the district medical officer for the Ilala District where our urban programs are located. The health program of the Anglican Diocese and the Ilala District will be partnering to develop a joint district hospital. The hospital will serve roughly a third of the 1.5 million people in the district. The

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Video of Dr. Ziegler in Buguruni

Drs. Henry and Priscilla Ziegler lived for three and a half years in Tanzania and later founded Health Tanzania to continue to support community health and education in the country. Learn more about Henry and his work at Buguruni Anglican Health Centre in Dar es Salaam. Our friend at did a wonderful video of Dr. Ziegler, highlighting his work and what he is

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Tanzania trip 2012

Our founders, Dr. Henry Ziegler and Priscilla Ziegler, a nurse, and Penny Kardis (also a nurse) just got back from Dar es Saalam, Tanzania, November 14, 2012. Here is an update on their trip: Hello All, All was well In Tanzania; we arrived home safely yesterday morning. St. Augustine’s English Medium Primary School The school is doing very well. With the funds we sent,

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