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During his September Tanzania visit, Dr. Henry Ziegler met often with Dr. Willy Sangu, the district medical officer for the Ilala District where our urban programs are located. The health program of the Anglican Diocese and the Ilala District will be partnering to develop a joint district hospital. The hospital will serve roughly a third of the 1.5 million people in the district. The St. James Anglican Hospital will become the women and children’s portion of the hospital.

Dr. Ziegler also met with leaders of the Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam, one of Tanzania’s strongest hospitals. We hope to use the new district hospital as a teaching hospital for Aga Khan’s medical residents as well as medical and nursing students. In the model being developed, there will be an emphasis on family medicine and Aga Khan will provide access to its specialists for the poor in the Ilala District.

Surgical building of St. james Anglican Hospital Families waiting for check ups and immunizations

Thanks to everyone’s generosity, the surgical building has now been finished and been paid for. The building on the left is still being used for outpatient women and children’s services. The photo on the right shows women waiting with their children for well child checks and immunizations in this building.

The building on the left will now be used for pre-delivery, delivery, and post-delivery of babies. We will cover the open space just before the building on the right for benches for waiting and services such as weighing the babies. Outdoor waiting areas work well in a country such as Tanzania where the temperatures are never cold.

As soon as it is renovated, the building on the right in this photo will be where immunizations, family planning, prenatal examinations, and gynecological examinations will take place.

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