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Alcohol, drug, AIDS, and violence initiative

Our alcohol, drug, AIDS, and violence initiative consists of three parts: (1) Emotions Anonymous self-help groups (similar to Alcoholics Anonymous) whose members support each other in reaching and maintaining sobriety; (2) day-long training on addiction and the starting of Emotions Anonymous groups for admitted addicts, their families, and community members; and (3) a two-hour interactive training for all community residents aimed at mobilizing everyone in the fight against alcohol, drugs, AIDS, and violence.

The community training has now been named Ukombozi, which means “saver.” It is based on the premise that together people can save themselves and others from suffering and death associated with drugs and related violence and AIDS. The community mobilization training is critical because denial blocks many addicts from seeking the help needed to change. Until recently, alcohol and drug abuse were rarely identified in Tanzania as the major problems that they are.

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