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April-July 2021 Newsletter

In January, Tanzania had a second wave of COVID-19 (South African variant) and is now undergoing a third wave with the Delta (Indian) variant. Despite considerable progress, Tanzania, with its 60 million people, is still one of the poorest countries in the world—making the effects of the pandemic particularly devastating. Especially in the cities, there is a lot of crowding in the markets and overcrowded buses; and this makes social distancing impossible.

In these hard times, made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic, our Tanzanian partners continue to help very poor Tanzanians improve their health and quality of life. Until last year’s COVID-19 pandemic, they were able to locally fund most of the medical care they provided. They even subsidized significant charity care for the poor. With the current situation, there is a critical need for more money to help our Tanzanian partners face the severe need. Your prayers and contributions can make this happen.

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April-July 2021 Newsletter

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