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Henry D. Ziegler, MD, MPH

Dr. Henry Ziegler has an M.D. from McGill University, an M.P.H. from Johns Hopkins University, is board certified in internal medicine and board eligible in preventive medicine.  He has held faculty appointments with three different U.S. medical schools and currently is a clinical assistant professor of medicine at the Wisconsin College of Medicine and a clinical assistant professor of Global Health at the University of Washington School of Public Health.

Dr. Ziegler has 30-plus years of community health/public health leadership and expertise in both the US and internationally. He has developed and led a large community health system in Cleveland, Ohio, been Director of the Prevention Division of Seattle-King County Department of Public health, and been in other community health leadership and clinical roles. Internationally, with Dr. Gilbert Bukenya, he led the development of leadership and management training for MPH students in Uganda which resulted in a Ugandan District Health Management Manual, used as the standard public health management text at Makerere University. With Ethiopian and American colleagues, Dr. Ziegler developed an Ethiopian Reproductive Health Manual used throughout Ethiopia.

Over the last eight years, Dr. Ziegler has worked in Tanzania, the first three and a half years full time. Dr. Ziegler was Health Director for the Anglican Diocese of Dar es Salaam, developing strong community health and clinical programs including comprehensive HIV/AIDS services. Dr. Ziegler and his team see more than 65,000 patients a year clinically, have trained more than 300 village health workers, and distributed more than 90,000 treated mosquito nets in Dar es Salaam and remote areas of the Coast Region. Dr. Ziegler partnered with Dr. Samson Winani, RMO Coast Region to develop the first comprehensive Tanzanian regional plan to reduce maternal and newborn deaths.  In 2008-2009, Dr. Ziegler was Director of the Dodoma Christian Medical Centre, planning for full hospital services while developing community and clinical services and management systems. Dr. Ziegler has been representing the Center for International Health in Tanzania since 2006 where he is Senior Medical Consultant. He is president of Health Tanzania Foundation, founded in 2012.  In Tanzania, he is currently health advisor for the Anglican Diocese of Dar es Salaam and the MEA Foundation.


Priscilla B. Ziegler, ScM, ND, MSN

Dr. Priscilla Ziegler has both an N.D. (clinical doctorate) in nursing and a M.S.N. in pediatric nursing from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She also has a Master’s of Science in health education from Johns Hopkins University.  She has taught pediatric nursing at both Case Western Reserve University and Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Ziegler has extensive international experience as well. Dr. Ziegler was primary writer and co-editor with Dr. Gilbert Bukenya, head of Makerere University Institute of Public Health, of the Ugandan District Health Management Manual  used in Uganda as its public health management text.  Dr. Ziegler worked with Ethiopian and American leaders to create an Ethiopian Manual of Reproductive Health which served as the country’s standard for a time in the 1990s.

Dr. Ziegler has worked in Tanzania over the last eight years, the first three and a half years full time. From  2005-2009, she was Nursing Director of the Anglican Diocese of Dar es Salaam, setting up all health center systems (including financial), teaching staff, and initially acting as administrator, accountant, and nursing director at Buguruni Anglican Health Centre. In 2008-2009, she was Nursing Director of Dodoma Christian Medical Centre, setting up all nursing and pharmacy services and systems and hiring and supervising nursing and pharmacy personnel. She is currently Advisor for Management and Nursing for the Anglican Diocese of Dar es Salaam.