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Health Tanzania

Health Tanzania partners with Tanzanian individuals and organizations in order to improve the health and education of poor Tanzanians. Our current programs focus on two very poor neighborhoods in Dar es Salaam, a city of five million people, and very poor and isolated coastal villages. With our Tanzanian partners, we are helping to provide out-patient and in-patient health care, community health and prevention programs, and primary education.

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Health Centre Leadership Transition

Raphael Barua, John Obondo, and Dr. Bahati Maxewell are taking over the leadership from Dr. Simon Walton, our British missionary and health director who is returning to England. Dr. Simon Walton has done a great job strengthening and stabilizing the health and hospital programs in Buguruni. His management, planning, and computer skills have been vital. Simon’s daughter Grace (pictured with a young Tanzanian) hopes to follow her father’s footsteps and

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Porridge Program Success

Parishioners of The Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross in Dunn Loring, Virginia raised funds to provide 250 students of St. Augustine’s a morning meal through a “Valentine Tree.” The porridge program reduces or eliminates malnutrition by ensuring children have a nutritious meal each day.  

Henry’s visit in February

I am Dr. Henry Ziegler, a medical doctor with both clinical and public heath training. For the last ten years, my wife Priscilla and I have been working with our Tanzanian and international partners to improve and maintain the health of thousands poor Tanzanians. Tanzania is a poor East African Country of 48 million people just below Kenya. No they do not have Ebola.

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Alcohol, drug, AIDS, and violence initiative

Our alcohol-drug and violence initiative consists of three parts: (1) Emotions Anonymous self-help groups (similar to Alcoholics Anonymous) whose members support each other in reaching and maintaining sobriety; (2) day long trainings on addiction and the starting of Emotions Anonymous groups for admitted addicts, their families and community members; and (3) a two-hour interactive training for all community residents aimed at mobilizing everyone in

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St. James Anglican Hospital

During his September Tanzania visit, Dr. Henry Ziegler met often with Dr. Willy Sangu, the District Medical Officer for the Ilala District where our urban programs are located. The Health Program of the Anglican Diocese and the Ilala District will be partnering to develop a joint district hospital. The hospital will serve roughly a third of the 1.5 million people in the district. The

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Mission Trip

In August of 2013, six parishioners from Holy Cross Episcopal in Dunn Loring, VA traveled to Tanzania for ten days in August.  With donations from the community and Holy Cross, three adults and three teenagers set out to teach children and teachers computer skills at the St. Augustine Anglican Primary School.  The group collected 15 laptops and nearly 200 flash drives to leave with

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Our Most Recent Newsletter

Click here to read a copy of the most recent Habari Gani Newsletter. January-March 2015 Newsletter

Dr. Ziegler at the Buguruni Anglican Health Centre

Our friend at did a wonderful video of Dr. Ziegler at the hospital highlighting his work and what he is trying to do for the hospital. The Reasonable Missionary

Tanzania Trip 2012

Our founders, Dr. Henry Ziegler and Priscilla Ziegler, a nurse, and Penny Kardis (also a nurse) just got back from Dar es Saalam, Tanzania November 14, 2012.  Here is an update on their trip: Hello All, All was well In Tanzania, arrived home safely yesterday morning. St. Augustine School Doing very well. With the funds we sent, Alice was able to get carpenter there

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Health Tanzania raised money to build bathrooms for the St. Augustine School.  The St. Augustine School serves the community in Dar Es Saalam adjacent to the Bugurni Health Center. Health Tanzania also raises money to help send AIDS orphans to The St. Augustine school. Just a $100 donation will send a child to school for a year!  Below are the completed bathrooms, which will

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The people we serve
An infant receiving care at the health center

Patient at Health Center

A child receives care for fever and malaria.

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Loveness lost her parents to AIDS.

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Patient at Health Center

A young woman treated for fluid around her lungs.

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Mother and newborn